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Irepa will lead the Planning Group on Economic Issues (PGECON) Print Email
Wednesday, 28 December 2011 17:12

The European Commission has established the Planning Group on Economic Issues (PGECON) that, under the Data Collection Regulation, will discuss methodological and coordination issues related to the economic modules of the DCF (fleet economic data, aquaculture, processing sector).

National experts of each Member State will attend the working group. PGECON  will improve the quality of the economic data needed to formulate appropriate and robust scientific advice in support of fisheries management. PGECON will also provide the European Commission with the necessary inputs for the development of the new Data Collection Framework (2014-2020).

The European Commission and the chairs of RCMs (North Sea, North Atlantic, Baltic, Long Distant fishery, Mediterranean and Black Sea and), asked Irepa to host the first meeting of PGECON. Sabatella Evelina, economist at Irepa and responsible for the national coordination of the DCF Regulation, has been appointed as chair of the working group for the next three years.