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The monitoring of accurate, relevant and timely data in a standard form facilitates analyses of status and trends of the Italian fisheries. In this framework IREPA has built up statistical databases that are publicly accessible. This section of the database contains the volume of marine species caught in Italy by regions, by species items, by FAO major fishing areas, and year.
Since 2000, yearly tables contain the main indicators of capacity (number of vessels, gross tonnage and engine power) and activity (fishing days at sea) by fishing gear. Estimates of employment are also published.
Information on capture production are also reported on annual base: landing, value and price by fishing technique and species. In addition, from 2004 onwards, data on the production of more important commercial species are published within a monthly time frame. Published data concern: days of fishing, landings and value by region and fishing systems.
A new Regulation for the collection, management and use of data in European fisheries (Regulation (EC) N. 199/2008 of 25 February 2008), aiming at improving information on status and trends of capture fisheries, was adopted by European Union and endorsed by members states in 2008. In this framework, data are also reported by fishing gear, by vessel length class, and by Geographical Sub Area (GSA). Additional information, regarding data by administrative and coastal regions, by fishing technique and by length class, could be required at the following e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Since 2009, monthly data are already available and reported by coastal regions, by fishing technique and by Geographical sub Areas.
In the period 1997 - 2007, an annual report Economic observatory on marine fishing fleet in Italy has been published. Since 2008 data are available on digital support (CD).