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Sustainability has come to the forefront in the fisheries. The Institute has taken a leadership role in understanding and promoting economic sustainably for fishery and aquaculture.


The mission of the Environmental Area is to provide benefit and cost analysis and technological support to the fisheries. The Institute has been involved in a number of environmental projects and numerous high-profile empirical research. Particularly noteworthy projects include the application of EMAS scheme and the analysis of environmental costs in Italian intensive aquaculture.


The application of the EMAS scheme has represented the first experience at European level and allows IREPA to produce guidelines to be used by aqua-farmers and public administrations.


As for the environmental costs analysis, the Institute was the first at European level to produce guidelines for green accounting in balance sheet of fish farms.


In addition to environmental accounting and certification, the Institute has been involved in high-value technological and engineering projects, for introducing of Best Available Technologies (BAT) in fisheries.


As for the environmental networks, the Institute is also deeply involved in several working groups and research in FAO and in the others European Institutions.