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The IT area is responsible for all issues concerning the Institute’s need for managing and processing information. The IT area is characterized by a wide range of activities,  from design to installation of telematic architectures, to management of databases and the design of integrated services.


Among the others, the study, design, development, implementation, support and management of computerized information systems and telecommunications, with emphasis on applications software and hardware that host them, are the main activities of the IT area.


Its strategic activity is the manipulation of data through conversion, storage, protection, secure transmission and retrieval of information. To this end, the IT area provides for the design and maintaining of database structure to make available, in a rapid, effective and efficient, the volume of data pertaining to the Institute. In order to provide a more comprehensive data treatment and information analysis  a GIS system has been implemented .


The area takes care of the Institute's Internet WEB presence through the creation of portals targeted at various Institute’s projects, site information themes and related infrastructure. Among the others, the realization of the portal for the collection of fishery statistical data on economic variables, transversal variables and processing industry, as by Reg EC 199/08, is one of the most important outcome.

In this respect, the IT area also produces software applications required in sample's data collection and in the related analysis.