The editorial series Irepa are proposed as a means of dissemination and information for those working in the field of economics and management of fisheries. They welcome the contributions that Irepa, alone or in collaboration with other places of study and research, produces part of its institutional activities. The goal that Irepa pursued by the implementation of these editorial Thereby, a double order of needs. While on the one hand, we want to help meet the growing demand for information and documentation relating scientific and applied studies in the field, the other is stronger than ever the importance of exploring market segments currently little or nothing involved with the study of this particular aspect of the economy of natural resources. It is with this spirit that we want to participate in a wider audience than the "specialists in the field" the results of an effort that started in the early '80s, today sees the involvement of a number of institutions working in training and research Community level and internationally. By the continuous exchange of experience in biological structure and production environments in the highly differentiated we hope will arise in the process of continuous enrichment, in the final analysis, this motion tends culture.